Thursday, 28 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #3

I know, it's a tad early, but just in case I forget tomorrow, and I don't get online over the weekend (I'm usually only on my phone over the weekend), I decided to post my Six Sentence Sunday today.

Last week we left Nala opening her eyes to something astonishing... Want to know more? Keep reading...

Her attacker had been pulled away from her by a stranger his own size, and the two men were now engaged in a physical confrontation. Nala didn’t know what to think. She had never been this close to a fight before, and was excited by the violence, knowing that this new stranger had come to rescue her. It only took a few well placed fists to put her villain in his place, and before her mind could catch up, her hero had whipped a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket and snapped them in place around the meaty wrists of the brute. The hero reached to his shoulder to a radio she hadn’t noticed before, and radioed for back-up and an ambulance, then turned to face the damsel .She was taken away by his deep green eyes, shining with concern for her welfare.


  1. OOOOH knight in shining armour!!!!!

  2. Very nice and exciting six sentences.

  3. A Knight, with a dark past... Oh I need to write some more.... Need to go through the editing notes first lol. Gah!
    Thanks honies. Muchos appreciated!!

  4. Thanks, Mistress G, I love where it's headed. Just need to get back in to the zone..

  5. Terrific 6 Casey, excellent descriptions, I especially liked the "big meaty wrists",it gave just that bit more detail to visualize.

    Well done.
    *bites n kisses*

  6. I love a mysterious hero :) Guess we were on the same page so to speak, as my six is very similar this week, the surprise hero rescues the heroine.

    Great Six!

  7. You really emphasize the attraction, when she can watch the fight in such a detached manner, then get taken away by his green eyes. Great six.

  8. Thanks Penny, couldn't have described his wrists any other way :)
    Kiki, I've been amiss and haven't gotten to yours yet, but I will. Thanks hon, will go see just how much alike our 6 are hehe
    Thanks very much Sondra. Glad that it's coming across as I was hoping it to.