Saturday, 2 July 2011

New camera to come!!

The moment I've been waiting for, the moment I get my new camera, is fast aproaching!! Tax time brings in some extra cash, and with the extra cash, I'll be getting myself a DLSR from Nikon. It won't be the most advanced model, but it will be suitable for a first-time DLSR user. 
I'm so excited!! I even already have 2 shoots in the wings for when I get used to the camera. 1 is a paid shoot of a good friend's little boy, I can't wait. As for the second shoot, it won't be paid, but it's my idea; just a portfolio gig. I cannot wait to get this camera, and start going snap-happy! 
I shall definately be adding a few photos to the online portfolio once I break the new camera in. In the mean time, I shall be doing a new review shortly. Watch this space!!

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