About Me

I am a photographer from Queensland, Australia. I fell in love with photography for the simple beauty that it captures. Although I am only an amateur, I aim to become a freelance landscape photographer and spread the photographic beauty that surrounds us in this wonderful canvas we call Australia. I would also be thrilled to do a photographic tour of a few countries in a few years time. All prints are available for sale on matte or gloss paper. I am also open to advice from professional and experienced photographers, as I am, as mentioned, only an amateur eager to expand my portfolio and improve the quality of my photos.
I also am writing three different novels, and have recently started writing reviews for ebooks; thanks to Naughty Nights Press for kicking that off! I don't specialise in a particular genre or audience, so you'll see a range of reviews on here. I'm considering creating a second blog as some of the reviews aren't rated PG.
All reviews can currently be found on the homepage, as well as my Six Sentences Sunday posts. Photography is on Facebook and my Webs page. All contact details can be found on the Contact Me page.