Friday, 29 July 2011

Review of The Devil You Know, by Sara Curran-Ross

The Devil You Know

“You take one step out of that door without me and you are in serious trouble.  Leave my side once and you are a dead woman.”
Christian Dalban is hired to protect Isabelle Mayer from the violent head of a mafia family who will stop at nothing to force her back into his bed.  But Christian is determined that she won’t find out why he is the only man capable of succeeding where others have failed.  If she knew the reason she would never trust him with her life nor would he blame her.  But as their relationship develops into a passionate sexual encounter Christian realises that he is not the only one keeping a secret that could threaten both of their lives... 

Sara jumps straight in to the action, setting up emotions and the scene clearly. Christian’s sadism and Isabelle’s hatred are blatant, and the shifting between the two flows smoothly, which is no mean feat. I was swiftly drawn in to this tale of damsel and knight.
The seemingly chaotic writing takes some getting used to, although it is fitting to both Christian and Isabelle. They are strong characters, with equally strong emotions, not all totally expected. Isabelle’s fear and adrenalin are palpable, her strength endless, and admirable. Christian’s macho appearance is underlined by sweetness, as he finds himself falling for the woman he’s supposed to protect. 
The myriad of interesting little twists and surprises, kept me guessing right until the end. Sara successfully built tension, and the story reached its climax superbly.
It takes talent to bring such an intricate story in to a single novel; Sara has done a fantastic job with compacting it without allowing any of the events to lose their importance.
All emotions are clear, and I felt each of them as I immersed myself in this story.
This is fascinatingly styled, though I do question the job of the editor, as a few words were missed or repeated.
The Devil You Know has one of the most unexpected twists I have ever read; it is a story I didn’t want to put down, or finish. 

Also keep an eye out for my interview and giveaway with Sara to come next week!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #3

I know, it's a tad early, but just in case I forget tomorrow, and I don't get online over the weekend (I'm usually only on my phone over the weekend), I decided to post my Six Sentence Sunday today.

Last week we left Nala opening her eyes to something astonishing... Want to know more? Keep reading...

Her attacker had been pulled away from her by a stranger his own size, and the two men were now engaged in a physical confrontation. Nala didn’t know what to think. She had never been this close to a fight before, and was excited by the violence, knowing that this new stranger had come to rescue her. It only took a few well placed fists to put her villain in his place, and before her mind could catch up, her hero had whipped a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket and snapped them in place around the meaty wrists of the brute. The hero reached to his shoulder to a radio she hadn’t noticed before, and radioed for back-up and an ambulance, then turned to face the damsel .She was taken away by his deep green eyes, shining with concern for her welfare.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Stay tuned!

I'm finally done with the data entry for my friend, so I should be able to throw myself in to the reviews that have been waiting for just over a week now, and some photography. For those of you on Facebook, go like Phoenix Landscape Photography, I have some new photos up from the new camera. I might go down to the beach this afternoon and take some photos, we'll just see how my back is.
Stay tuned for new reviews and new photos!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

It's that time again, Six Sentence Sunday has rolled around, and here's my next teaser of my novel-in-the-making. This is pre-editing, as I haven't had time to go through and read my editor's suggestions, but I hope you'll enjoy, nonetheless!

All of a sudden, she could feel empty air in front of her. Nala thought this was just some cruel trick, that he was just playing mind games with her, making her think she had a chance to run, only to catch her again, like a cat with a mouse. Her mind stumbled upon the odd noises she now heard. Where were the thuds and grunts coming from? It was a few moments before she was game enough to have a peek. What she saw astonished her.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

So excited!

I wasn't expected to be able to get my camera for a few weeks yet, but, thankfully, I am able to get it this weekend! Same with the new computer. So I shall soon be able to post some new photography once I have some practice, and get out and about. Stay posted, there're some great shots soon to come!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Busy busy busy!!

After a blissfully quiet and thoroughly enjoyable kid-free weekend, the terror has returned, and the usual routine continues. I'm attempting a third review, Temptation Triggers by Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle, though so far my mind just isn't in the zone, and I believe a review deserves full attention. So in the meantime, I've joined 2 more blogs to get a variety of reviews under my belt, and I'm doing a bit of data entry for a friend, as well. Thankfully, despite my lack of "zone-ness", producitivity continues.
I just thought I'd update everyone, in case anyone was wondering why nothing is really moving along at this moment. As soon as I have managed to sit down and get to Temptation Triggers, it shall be up in no time! Though what I've managed to read so far, it promises to be a steamy read, and I am eagerly anticipating getting down to it!!
Oh, and a last little update: I have some new critiquers for my novel (currently somewhere in chapter 3 and at almost 12 000 words), and what I've heard so far is extremely thrilling! One of them said that he was so enthralled early on, that he forgot that he was supposed to critique it, and he couldn't get over how quickly he got enthralled! I must be doing something right!
Thanks to those who are helping me get a leg up with the reviews, and a massive thank you to those who are helping me with the novel!!

I shall be back on to working on things tomorrow!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

 There's a fun new way to get feedback from other writers while you write your story! Six Sentence Sunday  allows writers to sign up and post a link to their blog with 6 sentences of a story they are either currently writing or have had published. It's a wonderful, fun way to get your writing out there and get feedback while you're at it. 
So here's my first submission!!

Nala's Story (Working Title)

As she sidestepped a puddle from the storm earlier that day, a stone under her foot started to wobble, threatening to tip her in to murky water, filthy from the dust of the alley. The hesitation as she regained her footing was all the time her stalker needed, swiftly covering the distance and grabbing her around the waist, turning her around and slamming her against the wall. Her vision swum as the large man grabbed her bag, rifling through it with no care, throwing books she would repair at home in to the dirt and muck on the ground.He finally found her wallet, ripped it open and grabbed a fistful of cash, shoved it in to his pockets and turned his attention back to her. Her eyes widened, her breath caught in her chest, her mind screaming at her to run before he grabbed her again, but her legs wouldn’t listen to logic. Nala thrashed her head around, trying to catch a glimpse of anyone who might come to her aid, all the while the thug moved closer, enjoying the fear in her eyes, knowing she would be unable fend him off. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Snippet of the novel...

Well, I promised I'd post a snippet, so a snippet shall I post now. This is what inspired the whole novel, and it just popped in to my head one night while lying in bed. I quickly grabbed my phone and wrote it down before I forgot it. Something I am so glad that I did. 
Anyway, here we go. Enjoy!!

 As she kneels over the still-warm body, her bare knees aching from the cold snow and hard cobbles below, the sound of barking police dogs and shouting officers rouse her from her trance. She quickly realises there isn't much time before the body is found, and if she is discovered at the scene of the crime, her new, more sensual life would be over before it really had a chance to begin...

From a rooftop, a tall, dark figure, her creator, turns up the high collar of his thick, heavy cape and turns away from the scene below, smkirking. He retreats to his lair, to await the moment his new apprentice realises she needs his help to survive this world of his, the moment he makes her his immortal slave...

The Novel

Well as some of you know, I'm currently writing a novel, about vampiric witches, or witchy vampires, whichever way you want to look at it. I've been writing this since November last year, and haven't had much luck for a few months, but I was talking to an author friend of mine yesterday and the discussion managed to break my drought of writing. So chapter 3 is now well under way, thank goodness. And the heat between the two lead characters is building... Just you wait until Jason and Nala give in!
I hope to be able to do my own coverart when it's ready for publishing, as I have a perfect idea, and shall be looking in to it once the new camera comes in. I shall have fun working on my idea, at the very least, and have a basis to work from. We shall cross that bridge when we get there. 
Keep watch, I'll hopefully post a snippet some time today, just for a teaser...

Saturday, 2 July 2011

New camera to come!!

The moment I've been waiting for, the moment I get my new camera, is fast aproaching!! Tax time brings in some extra cash, and with the extra cash, I'll be getting myself a DLSR from Nikon. It won't be the most advanced model, but it will be suitable for a first-time DLSR user. 
I'm so excited!! I even already have 2 shoots in the wings for when I get used to the camera. 1 is a paid shoot of a good friend's little boy, I can't wait. As for the second shoot, it won't be paid, but it's my idea; just a portfolio gig. I cannot wait to get this camera, and start going snap-happy! 
I shall definately be adding a few photos to the online portfolio once I break the new camera in. In the mean time, I shall be doing a new review shortly. Watch this space!!