Friday, 12 August 2011

Review of In My Dreams, by Cameo Renae

In My Dreams is attention-grabbing from the start, with scenes aptly painted, and emotions superbly expressed. I was drawn in straight away, and found it hard to pull back enough to jot down notes. Cameo weaves a fantastic web of words, and every setting drew me deeper in to Liz’s mind. So when she had a dream of waking up in her boyfriend’s car, hours after Michael was supposed to pick her up, and things didn’t seem right, I had a gut feeling sympathetic to her discomfort. When she genuinely wakes up to a phone call from Michael’s father, informing her of his death, her shock and horror choked me up, and I was only 20 pages in to the story.
As Liz experiences the transitions of grief, it made me wonder how I would react if I was to ever get that call. It’s a horrible thought, but the fact that it was going through my mind is a testament to the credibility of Cameo’s characters, and their emotions.
Of course, the story doesn’t end yet. I was left with the question “What happened to Michael? Why was he at Hatcher’s Pass, a place that clearly isn’t anywhere near Liz’s place?”
Liz’s gift of premonition, a curse in her mind, soon showed her a confrontation between Tyler, an old school chum, and a stranger, with her doomed love soon walking in on the trouble. She’s left wondering how Tyler was involved, and disturbed by dreams that open more questions than they answer. When a shaman approaches her claiming she’s made contact with Michael, and proceeds to prove his presence, Liz’s emotions run high, and are palpable through the pages. As the supernatural is deftly introduced to the story, it sparks higher interest.
A few little grammar mistakes were picked up as I read, but they certainly didn’t detract from the story, and very few editors can pick every single little error.
Lizzy’s quest to find out what happened to Michael took me on an interesting, supernatural ride that I found quite fascinating. I would definitely recommend it for young adults and adults alike, whether you believe in the supernatural or not. In My Dreams presents a beautiful idea that loved ones can still contact us after the physical death, and comfort us in our loss. Spirits be praised, we have a triumphant sensation!


  1. Awe! I am so thrilled for this review. I'm glad that you enjoyed In My Dreams. Thanks for reading and reviewing! It made my day! ;)

  2. It made my day, as well, hearing how thrilled you were with it. Here's hoping it gets more and more successful!