Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Giveaway of The Devil You Know

The interview has been well recieved so far, and I can't wait to review Sara's next book, The Knight of Swords, the first installation of The Swords Series. 1 last thing left to do for this event, though, and that's the giveaway. So how about each person says what they found most interesting from the interview? I'll chose the top 3, and present them and their answers to Sara for her to chose to lucky winner!
I'll send the top 3 to Sara on Friday afternoon my time, so hurry along, everyone, get reading! Winner to be announced Saturday morning (Australia time)


  1. K since I posted before and it never went I doubt it will now either but I gotta try.

    I enjoyed finding out where Sara got her inspiration for the series. I think many women, and men, have suffered some form of harrassment at work and usually it has a negative impact over time. Hearing this turned into her own sort of success story was quite interesting. I live that she did finally find out who the cloaked figure was.

    Ok so I won't try this again cause my phone is dying and it's now the third try so if it doesn't make it then congrats to those entered and the lucky winner. *sigh*

  2. It worked, yay!
    Gina, you're in the running, don't worry. Now to choose the top 3, I hope there are a couple more entries so that I don't leave 1 lonely person out. Though I suppose I don't have to say who the top 3 are... We'll see. Good luck to all!!
    (PS Couldn't agree more! I'm a bit all over right now)