Saturday, 17 September 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #8

The weeks are flying by, and we're at the time: Six Sentence Sunday. We return to Jason looking after Nala while the paramedics check her out...

“Aside from a few bruises and a nasty shock, she’ll be alright, Sergeant. All she needs now is to go home, stay warm and get some rest. I’d suggest she go to hospital for observation, but…” He looked pointedly at the other paramedic grinning at Jason.
            Jason ducked his head and grinned. He was, after all, known amongst even the fire department and paramedics for his chivalry.


  1. Thanks :) I'm thinking this might be my last 6 from this one until I get to the edits and start on it again. Or I might jump ahead a bit... Undecided yet.

  2. Aww....sounds kind of sweet- but I think Jason has an ulterior motive behind his grin
    Dawne P

  3. interesting to see he's well known for being a nice guy