Friday, 16 September 2011

Review of The Pineville Heist, by Lee Chambers

A book written from a screenplay; not an order I’m used to, but I anticipated what lay within these pages. 

Sure enough, the scenes were clearly set and a lot of story was told within the first chapter, certainly enough to let the story flow without having to jump back and explain what was going on. Derek Stevens is painted as a typical business tycoon, getting rich from the hard work of others. His son, Aaron, is a bit of a mystery early on; it’s clear he has every material possession he could wish for, and yet he seems to be quite level headed. The animosity he feels towards his father, and what Derek does serves to confirm this observation. 

The further I delved in to this tale, the more I was enthralled; plot twists kept me hanging, and as events described on the blurb played out, I found I had no chance to resist. It didn’t take long for the drama to begin, and I was caught like a fly in a spider’s web; a web weaved from a fantastic story.

The Pineville Heist is an excellent example of no one being quite who they say they are. We all have our secrets, some bigger than others, and they make us who we are. This goes to show that you can’t always trust who you want to, and we must all take care with our hearts and our lives.

A terrific tale, I would most definitely watch this on the big screen, despite it being intended for the Young Adult audience.

Check out the teaser clip on YouTube!


  1. Wow you have a way with words missy and this definitely sounds interesting!

  2. Thankies honey, my reviews are definately improving and these books that I'm reviewing help as well. I consider myself lucky that I haven't come across a bad one yet, knock on wood!