Friday 2 September 2011

Review of The Demon's Apprentice, by Ben Reeder

After a little break to rejuvenate my mind, I return to my reviews with Ben Reeder’s novel The Demon’s Apprentice; an intriguing paranormal novel, perfect to return to.
Curiosity is piqued from word one, growing as events occur. Who exactly is this Chance, other than a being warlock; what is he doing for this Master; why doesn’t he try to escape? Emotions towards Chance vary between pity for his lot in life and animosity towards what could be a villain in disguise; more often than not, however, pity for Chance is predominant.
Reeder paints a clear picture of the scenery, and his writing from Chance’s perspective really made me feel like I was in the warlock’s head. His escape shows his cunning, his pent up rage and his own power. The tension is blatant, anxiety clear.
As the story progressed I was drawn in, quickly losing track of time. Ben has woven emotions deftly, and painted scenes so vivid, I could almost feel the cool of the night air, see the lights of the Night City.
While Chance settles in to his new home with his mother and younger sister, unknown to him until now, his guilt at his actions becomes apparent. He quickly shows that he is a decent person, despite actions he was forced to perform while he was a slave. This observation is confirmed as the story unfolds.
A few pokes at other popular fiction pieces bring in a humorous touch, and appeal suitably to the television-keen minds of most young adults. The Demon’s Apprentice doesn’t lack a surprise, that’s for sure, which develops depth to this story that a lot don’t have.
As the story culminates, striving to reach the all important climax, Reeder superbly builds tension and anticipation, and I found myself on the edge of my seat, biting my lip. A satisfying end, The Demon’s Apprentice definitely leaves room for a sequel, which I highly anticipate.
All the details throughout the story are vivid; helping to create a wonderful read perfect for young adults, or for those after a less complicated yet thrilling read. Don’t read on an empty stomach, however, as Chance chomps down on enough to feed several people in one sitting. This was such a vivid scene, that my own stomach growled in envy!
I look forward to hearing more from Mr Ben Reeder!


  1. That book sounds really a very good one.

  2. OOOh this book sounds awesome!!! And if there's room for a sequel that makes it even more awesome.

    Well written review btw Casey!

  3. Thanks honey! Plenty of room for a sequel, and as it turns out another 4 after that!