Friday, 7 October 2011

Review of Knight of Swords, by Sara Curran-Ross

After weeks of waiting, I finally began on The Knight of Swords with much anticipation. Despite the range of genres I review, the paranormal will always be a personal favorite and after reading Sara’s The Devil You Know I knew I was in for a good read. I was far from disappointed.
Sara has a way with words, with the ability to weave a spell of language around me as I read. I can see the images clearly, as though a film is playing in my mind, a private viewing of the tales she tells.
I noticed one little editing error but it failed to detract from the pull of the story.
Tension is expertly built, emotions raw, action scenes vivid and extremely credible. Knight of Swords is a most enthralling start to what promises to be a wonderfully addictive literary masterpiece! So much so, I do believe that Sara challenges Anne Bishop for the spot of my personal favorite author.
Vampirism is a hot topic for books lately and Sara’s Swords series is set to rival all established series with its fantastic descriptions and storylines. With a delightful and acceptable twist to the nature of vampires along with an enjoyable, if somewhat cruel history of them in this story, Sara does well to paint an endearing picture of her race of Vampires.
A story that sings to the blood and one I drank in with a lust for words.

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