Friday, 17 June 2011

Well hello there!!

I am a photographer from Queensland, Australia.
I fell in love with photography for the simple beauty that it captures in any subject. Although I am only an amateur, I aim to become a freelance landscape photographer and spread the photographic beauty that surrounds us in this wonderful canvas we call Australia.
I would also be thrilled to do a photographic tour of a few countries in a few years time.
I am also open to advice from professional and experienced photographers, as I am, as mentioned, only an amateur eager to expand my portfolio and improve the quality of my photos.
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Most of the photos that are for sale were taken on my Fujifilm before it was broken in 2010. The beach photos were taken by a basic, non-too-fancy camera that will soon be replaced by a new Fuljifilm in August, 2011, and then I shall be back to being snap-happy!  I can tell you now, though, that August cannot come quick enough!!

I don't just take photos, I must say. I also am currently writing a novel about vampires and witches, set in London in the 1990's. It's taking a while to write, though, but I shall post updates about how it is going.
Along with my own novel, I may post a review to an ebook from time to time, and I do hope that, in posting reviews, I can help promote ebooks and novels, as I am an avid bookworm!
Please don't mind if there are times when I don't make 100% sense, as I also have a 2 year old running around, making it difficult sometimes to concentrate. 

I hope to soon have comments and suggestions on what you would like to see or hear from me. Don't be shy, but please, also don't be rude. Rudeness will not be tolerated!


  1. Welcome to the wonderfully delightful world of Blogging honey.
    Your blog looks fantastic!
    *bites n kisses*

  2. Thanks darl! I'll go fix the colour up of a little bit, Gina said she couldn't really make it out. But overall I'm pretty happy with it :)